Ultimate quality custom built electric guitars

Ultimate quality custom built electric guitars Ultimate quality custom built electric guitars

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Restoration Grade British Amplifier Front and Rear Panels

Matthews Guitars is pleased to offer first quality restoration grade panels for your classic British guitar amplifiers.  These are heavy gauge brush finished gold anodized aluminum, slightly thicker than the originals for improved durability.  Graphics are authentic to that of the originals, using the same fonts, sizes, and kerning. (Spacing between characters)

Front and rear panels will be available.  There are many variants.  So many, in fact, that it is best if you would contact me and send a photo of the exact type of back panel that you want.  As I have gotten into this project I have been amazed to find out how many different ways that the back panels were made. 


plus shipping costs. 

Customized and special order panels are priced on request.




1959 Super Lead 100 and 1987 50 watt

These are your traditional JMP 4 input master volume panels.  Available in the following configurations:

1959TNP: Toggle power switches,  no polarity switch

1959TP: Toggle power switches, with polarity switch

1959RNP: Rocker power switches, no polarity switch

1959RP: Rocker power switches, with polarity switch

Some other models of amplifier use these same fronts.

Rear panels:  Configurations and artwork are still being researched.  There are a lot of variations.  I can support most of them.  I request that you contact me and submit a photo of the exact variant you need.  

2203 100w Master Volume and 2204 50w Master volume

2 input Master volume models.   Standard panel types:

2203TNP: Toggle power switches, no polarity switch

2203TP: Toggle power switches, with polarity switch

2203RNP: Rocker power switches, no polarity switch

2203RP: Rocker power switches, with polarity switch

JTM45 gold panel

This panel has the same hole patterns as the 1959 type but with different graphics.  
Currently availble only in the gold panel version, non-offset chassis.  

J45TNP: Toggle power switches, no polarity switch

J45TP: Toggle power switches, with polarity switch

J45TNPBF: Black Flag version of J45TNP

J45TPBF: Black Flag version of J45TP

Customization of panels

Modifying the legends and lettering of any standard model panel is easy and usually doesn't cost extra.  It does take a little extra time.   Physical alterations of the panel (extra holes, or deleted holes) will involve some extra cost.  Contact me for details. 


I've found that there's so much variation with regard to which panels have the JMP or Mark II legends that I request that you specify which you want. Just include a note with your order.  I'll ask if you don't specify. 

Fully custom made panels

I'm planning to provide fully custom panels for those custom amp builders who build on a production basis.   Due to setup and materials cost, this may not be practical for someone who only builds a couple amps a year.  But you can always ask me!

Other brand panel reproductions

At this point I'm not making panels to fit any amplifiers other than Marshalls.  No Parks, no Vox, no Fenders, no Mesa, no....any other brand.     There's not much demand for reproduction panels for other brands since there aren't a lot of other popular amps that are old enough to need restoration parts.    Except Fender, and there are already sources for Fender restoration parts and I don't want to deal with competing against them. 

If you really have to have a Vox or Park panel, or other panel that's not in the Marshall JMP series,  be aware that while I can do it,  I need to see an original example,  in my hand, or get accurate measurements and clear photos,   and I can start the process if you agree to bear the setup costs.  Setup costs for new types of panels run about 500 dollars. 

About Us


My Story

I've been building and repairing guitars since before 1987.  My adventure began when I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar, so I began taking lessons in 1985 just out of high school.  I learned on my father's wonderful 1964 Gibson J-45 acoustic but of course I wanted an electric soon enough.  Being very short on funds but quite able to use tools, I looked at every guitar in the music stores I took lessons at, and learned how they were made.  I say that every guitar I touched taught me something.  I then bought a guitar out of the junk room in the store, for 15 dollars, and soon had it playing.  I then began a process of upgrading it.  And eventually, I upgraded EVERYTHING on it.  After I'd replaced even the plywood body with a new made mahogany body I put together in my garage, I began to think I could just make a whole guitar.  With the aid of the great tools at the Patrick Air Force Base wood hobby shop,  I soon did that.  It came out great...but it was better after I fixed a serious problem that cropped up within a year or so.  That guitar is still AWESOME.  Made in 1987, rebuilt in 1988.   It would be a few years before I made my next guitar.  And I've made guitars ever since then.  I don't make many per year but they all show steady progress and improvement.  My work matured over the past few years and today I'll compare my guitars that I make now, head to head, against any competition at any price point.   

I make elite quality guitars.  Pick one up and you will agree. 

My own personal plaything. A fantastic combination of exotic woods and great electronics.

Guitar Models

I don't really offer "standard" models. I make only set neck guitars, guitars that I'll happily compare to the best made in Nashville, Tennessee, or Stevensville, Maryland, or anywhere else for that matter.  Within broad limits, the models I make are the models you and I create together. 


A note about Chinese and fake guitars...

The only way to buy a Matthews Guitar is directly from me.  All are hand made by me in Satellite Beach, Florida.  Every one is different, unique, and distinctive, and every one is well documented.  Every one that sells beyond this point will be documented on this website. If it's not on this website, it is not an authentic Matthews Guitar.   You can not buy my guitars from Amazon or Alibaba or any online retailer. Any guitars you find that bear my logo from any such site is FAKE.

I will not touch any fake guitar no matter how much you love it.  I will do some guitar repairs but not on a fake.  If you have a fake Gibson that needs refretting,  too bad, so sad, I won't touch it, even though my fretwork is first rate.   I will not reward you for buying a ripoff.


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